Our Values

Our Strengths

Creativity: We develop exclusive contents and formats, not only to provide the best quality products, but also to meet the demands of your market and respect your budget.

Efficiency: We work with a highly skilled team and a limited and carefully chosen list of vendors, to ensure the best quality service for an on-time book production and delivery.

Clients' Relation: Your trust and your loyalty are paramount and part of Mega Publishing’s success. You are our guest of honor at our international home!

Expertise: Mega Publishing gathers talents with a variety of competences in fields such as international publishing and trade, printing, translation, illustration and infographics.

International Scope: Our books are produced in Asia and distributed in 20+ countries worldwide.


Discover Our Team

  • Brigitte Beaudry

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  • Lydia Masson
    Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

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  • Svetlana Peskin

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  • Alejandra Nuñez
    Graphic Designer

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  • Yadira Cruz
    Graphic Designer

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